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Student Accommodation in London

Student Accommodation in London-Expensive or Affordable for Students?

How to Choose your “Student Accommodation in London” Accommodation is one of the major concern for all students. Finding a suitable Student Accommodation in London  to stay should be at the top of your list when you arrive in your destination University. It is better to plan this well in advance because you will be […]

Amazing FREE things to do in LONDON

8 Amazing FREE things to do in LONDON while you’re studying in UK

Amazing FREE things to do in LONDON Let’s be honest. Life in London can sometimes be very expensive. As a student, you may easily get scholarships and student loans which can sometimes cover your accommodation as well. But still, every saved penny is a blessing in London. We know that you might feel the urge […]

Best Educational Consultant in the UK

Why Study Online? 5 Benefits of Starting your Studies Online

  Why Study Online Online learning is one of the newest form of education and very popular nowadays. Online Course is also referred to as distance learning which is delivered online and off-campus. The current challenges in education are tuition fees, and time maintaining. For this reason, many students search for alternative ways to save […]

Studying Abroad

Prepare yourself BEFORE Studying ABROAD with 7 Easy Tips

  7 Easy tips to Prepare Yourself for Studying Abroad  Academic Education explains here 7 Easy tips to Prepare Yourself before Studying Abroad. Study in the UK is the greatest decision any students could ever make because the UK is worldly empowered by their quality higher education, facilities, and global connection. The decision to move […]

Student Accommodation in London

Know the TOP 5 DO’s & DON’Ts to Staying in UK as a Student

Academic Education identifies top 5 DO’s & DON’Ts to Staying in UK as a Student. If you are already in the UK on a Student visa, or in certain other visa categories, you may be able to apply to stay in the UK on a student visa. Read more bellow: Top 5 Do’s to Staying […]

What to Choose WISELY to Study in UK

What to Choose WISELY to Study in UK

Choosing the right study plan and the best place supporting your interests in the UK can be critical. This blog is more about What to Choose WISELY to Study in UK. With the wide range of courses and study choices on board, it is also vital for global students to deliberately assess various parts of […]

UCAS Application

How to Make UCAS Application | A Guideline for the New Applicants

How to Make UCAS Application UCAS application is not as complicated as we think. It’s very straight forward and easy to make UCAS application. Remember, to study a higher education course at a UK university or college, you will need to submit a UCAS application through their online application system. You don’t need to complete […]

Study Foundation Degree

Study Foundation Degree in The UK | Your Flexible Study

Study Foundation Degree in The UK A foundation degree can be an excellent option for you if you are looking for acquiring skills in the job field and having an Undergraduate qualification without completing a full Bachelors’s course. What is A Foundation Degree in the UK A Foundation degree is considered to be academically equivalent […]

Entry Requirements for Bangladeshi Student

Study in UK | What is the Entry Requirements for Bangladeshi Students?

UK University Entry Requirements for Bangladeshi Students   United Kingdom (UK) has been welcoming Bangladeshi students for many years and many UK Universities are very familiar with the education system and qualifications. If you’re joining UK Universities from Bangladesh, the entry requirements you need to meet will depend on the course you want to study. […]