Academic Education is one of the finest educational counselling centres where all information and support for study abroad are provided. We are here to help EU/home and international students to study in the UK. Our first priority Student Services is how to get a student admitted in their desired universities for that we will help you out to complete UK University application, UCAS application, applying for scholarship and funding application. We ensure your success in it by providing the best Student Services. We are proud to be partners with 50+ top universities in the UK. Generally, we work with the student who is from Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and so on. Our Student services are unique and dedicated to all the students who want to study in the UK.


Express Services We Provide

  • Academic Education have a bunch of admission specialists who are always ready to help you in any circumstances with the best Student Services.
  • Your UCAS and SLC application can be easily done with the help of our Studnet Services.
  • We will make you confident although suggest to you how you can sit on the interview with the possibility of passing them smoothly. This includes credible interviews, academic interviews, and English tests.
  • It will be Academic Education team’s duty to advise you to let you know about the (Tier 4) students responsibilities during the study
  • We will help you to write an upright student of purpose which will add an extra favor in your admission.
  • There will be a discussion on the topic you want to choose for the betterment of your further Career.
  • Academic Education promise you to support Tier 4 visa application guidance.


Academic Education is one of the official partners of the best UK universities. Our commitment is to realize the dreams of students who are seeking to get higher education in the UK. We are the trusted companions on their dream journey with best student services.


Academic Education is an official partner of British top-notch universities as well as a counseling institute we have a long way of experience in providing accurate information to the students. Counselling is one of the vital part of our student services.


Academic Education understand the crisis of making a decision about studying abroad for students who wants to study in UK. To make this path easier we give high assistance to our students containing complete university application, UCAS application, applying for scholarship and funding. Academic Education help with visa and accommodation as well as We are here to support you for urgent and unwanted needs.


Academic Education gives best Student Services to the EU/ home and International students who wants to study in UK, especially the students from Asia or all over the world as well.


Our vision is to become the world’s leading consultation academy by delivering outstanding Student Services to the students throughout the world. To establish our identity globally we fairly provide the greatest benefit which is already known and cherished by our prospects. Scroll down to know us more and our dedicated studnet services


Academic Education’s experts are promising to the students for the best experience in UK life. They know about the difficulties that a foreign student may have in a new country at the same time they know how to solve the problem quickly. They are well trained and experienced. They are always up-to-date on any policy changes by keeping in touch with the universities.


Our motto is to provide you best Student Services you in every criterion and disclose the possibilities within you. We will help you to enlighten your abilities which you might not know with a Counselling for the achievement of your future goal to study in UK. This is how you will be able to choose a Course befits you. We will provide EU and Home Students the accurate information on whether you are eligible to Study in UK  or not. How you could be lost eligibility and where you are free from that hassle according to the student law.


We provide a great facility for our international students to study in UK. Academic Education monitor them like a guardian from the day they connect with us and think about to step in the UK for their study in UK. We try in every possible way to help them submit the documents so that they can get the visa. However, we are always there to advise them to increase grades and operate their expenses wisely. Our efforts of giving them the best facilities are endless, this includes offering you various scholarships, arranging accommodation, learning skills and so on. We guide and assure their overall mental and physical health by providing releavnt Student Services


University in the UK has many criteria to offer scholarships to the students. Academic Education help the students to fulfill the UK University requirements according to their performance so that they don’t miss the chance of having a financial waiver. Apart from that, students can be awarded a scholarship in different terms and conditions which we will reveal to them while study in UK.


UK Student visa processing is the most important part when you want to study in UK. Academic Education do this with great care so that there is no danger of making a mistake. We send the required information and other relevant information, which is required for a visa. Bring them here and establish them is our responsibility. we will support you by our best student services in every step you take for getting the visa. 


Academic Education have worldly recognized translation agencies who are Working with us relentlessly. We have more than 100 language translator services for our student. They are quick and accurate for our students.


Going overseas can be a frightening experience until you come up with a plan. If studnets are confused Academic Education will tailor it according to student needs. We will guide you about all travel requirements when you reach here our responsibility is to take you to your accommodation. If you have any relatives here it will add benefits to you and if you have not, we will take you straight to your university dorms from the Airport. In every way, we will make sure your journey is safe and comfortable.


Study in UK  is not an easy thing to do for International studnets , it requires a lot of courage and passion. Academic Education respect your every perception and decision you make in your life. Initially we also  want to declare you that 90% of our students are doing great in their professional life, it did happen because they discover their interests, skills, and capabilities and took suggestions from our counsellors, so they  achieve their goals, some of them are held in supreme position in their home countries which makes us very proud and also encourage us to help students who need us as a friend, guardian, and instructor.