Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom | Available Scholarships in UK Universities 2020

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Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom

It is a great opportunity to study abroad specially in the United Kingdom for higher education. Study in the UK  is considered one of the best options in the world.

Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom
Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom

Usually, International students are needed various types of financial aids to support their whole study or sometimes partial and the living costs in the UK as getting a quality education is not available at a cheap cost. (If you want to know Student living cost in the UK).  At present, there are so many scholarships offered in United Kingdom

Applying for good quality and dignified UK scholarship is not so easy. There is high competition and the students’ previous academic background is very important in the assessment of providing scholarships.

Even after the Exit of Britain, European students are still enjoying the advantages of funds and tuition fees as before. British govt. has updated its policies with some issues.

Such as, students of the European Union will have to pay the same tuition fees as UK students if they apply for full or partial scholarships. And they can continue with enjoying the Home Fee Status.

So if you find yourself eligible for scholarships, for example, you have some great achievements in your studies as well as you’re a top student, you don’t need to think twice. Apply for the International Student Scholarship in the UK.

For international students who have the dream to study in the UK, some well-known scholarships are available. These opportunities are offered every year.


Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom
Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom


Scholarships offered in United Kingdom 

The seven topmost best-known scholarships offered in United Kingdom are as below:

1. Chevening Scholarship:

UK govt. offers these scholarships to individuals who have high performance in the academic career and has the potentiality of high leadership.

All around the world, the British Embassies selects the perfect recipients of the scholarships. Students who’re future decision-makers are having the chance of developing academic backgrounds and creating networks maintaining professionalism.

They also have the chance of developing the cultures in the UK and many more. Financial support for studying Master’s degree at any leading Universities of UK are offered by this scholarship program. More than fifteen thousand Chevening Scholarships are offered every academic cycle globally.

2. Euraxess UK:

British Council offers this scholarship named Euraxess UK. It aims at aiding the researchers to develop their careers. It also aims at supporting mobility and acts as a supporting mechanism for the researchers who are moving abroad or moving towards the UK.

Euraxess UK generally provides support and considered to have the ability to provide a good source for funding opportunities with funding databases.

Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom
Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom

3. Commonwealth Scholarship:

For the one who wants to pursue a Ph.D. or Master’s degree and develop professionally CSC (Commonwealth Scholarship Commission) awards fellowship and scholarship in the UK. Every year for the students, those are coming from Commonwealth countries, the scholarships are offered.

The selection for Commonwealth Scholarship depends on the previous academic history of the candidates and their potentiality of aiding to develop a better life for the citizen of their own countries.

The initial arrival allowance, airfare for the flights to and from UK, exam and tuition fees, personal maintenance allowance and thesis grant (if applicable) are included in each scholarship, among others.

4. The Royal Society Grants:

A significant number of scholarships are offered for promising and talented students as the Commonwealth and Independent Scientific Acadamy of the UK is dedicated to promoting excellence in science. The Royal Society is the oldest scientific academy and fellowship for many world’s most famous scientists.

5. UK-China Research Partnership for Ph.D. students:

To sponsor the Ph.D. students and to supervise them by the supervisors from China and UK, these grants are offered for a period of study at HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in China or UK.

The UK-China Research Partnership for Ph.D. students aims at promoting the increased collaboration of research and innovation between both countries that resulted in a long-term partnership.

Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom
Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom

6. British University Scholarships:

UK’s top universities also provide noble funding for international students. The assessment of providing Scholarships Offered in United Kingdomdepends on the previous academic achievements and histories of the candidates. Some renowned universities from UK, that offer scholarships every year are mentioned below following the European Rankings 2018.

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • University College London

7. Global Study Awards:

To experience new countries, cultures, and languages along with exploring them, British Council, ISIC, and Studyportals have taken the initiatives for the international students to encourage them. They offer 10,000 GBP scholarships twice a year for the upcoming two generations of international students who are determined to change society for the betterment and to expand their understandings in intercultural fields.

There are 1533 other available Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom for international students to study in the United Kingdom. Such as the EPSRC Ph.D. scholarship which is fully funded and offered for atomic, quantum and molecular physics. They called for an immediate start.

Postgraduate scholarships for international students

Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom
Scholarships Offered in United Kingdom

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