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Achieving a greater degree of social inclusion is of critical importance to the development of just, integrated, diverse, cohesive and thriving societies in an increasingly interdependent world. This Institute promotes and supports a wide range of interdisciplinary research projects meeting standards of international excellence. Our research seeks to identify, explain and overcome specific social, economic and cultural obstacles to egalitarian respect and social inclusion. Our aim is to work with external partners to address those social harms that cause people to be unnecessarily constrained in realising their full potential. We investigate current and historical issues of exclusion in local, regional, national and international contexts. Our research responds to the need for inclusion and respect for all in the UK and in global society, as demanded by groups and peoples who have been disempowered, marginalised or underrepresented.Keele University 1

The Institute for Social Inclusion will provide a focus for high quality research in Humanities and Social Sciences and beyond, with the clear intention of enhancing more effectively our international reputation for excellence and impact on this distinctive research theme. The Institute will foster interdisciplinary research and collaborations with colleagues across the University and beyond, and will enable the development of impact and engagement opportunities with both academic and non-academic partners.The focus of the Institute is practical as well as academic. That is, our work has potential to be positively transformative of our economic, cultural and social life and so the intent is to have real impact in contributing to the goals of social inclusion. We do not want merely to conduct disengaged investigations of ways in which social orders exclude various groups, but instead we wish to engage with external partners in government, business and community organisations and others so that our research can make a genuine difference. The establishment of this Institute in our region at this moment is both apt and timely.

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