MSc in Advanced Practice ( Nursing )

MSc in Advanced Practice ( Nursing )

MSc in Advanced Practice ( Nursing ) 1

EU/Home : £6,450 to £17,500

12 – 30 Months
With Work Placement

Start dates
Jan, May, Sep

The Contemporary Nursing (Advanced Practice) is a route for experienced nurses working in a role that requires higher level knowledge and advanced practice skills. The advanced practice pathway will equip you with an expertise and depth of knowledge that is consistent with nationally agreed elements of advanced practice and will enable you to become an autonomous practitioner.


Your possibilities in this area

This course will develop qualified nurses professionally and academically within their advanced practice roles. It will help qualified nurses develop in their advanced practice roles. It gives qualified nurses the knowledge and skills to manage complex situations and develop autonomous practice. This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the expert nature and depth of their knowledge that is consistent with nationally agreed elements of advanced practice (DH 2010).


Facts and Facilities you must know:

  • Those who have completed their studies in nursing can take this course
  • UK government gives a golden opportunity to the EU/ home students to take up to £10,906 study loan for post-graduation. Loans are paid in three steps throughout the academic year depending on whether you are on a full-time duration of the course or part-time.
  • Postgraduate students have a lot more opportunities than undergraduate students. One of them is the chance to take classes at the end of the week or evening. This kind of class schedule is very useful for the students who are already employed and those who are looking for a job, they get the opportunity of networking while taking the classes.
  • University authorities do give the respect of your study journey they know well about the need, pressures, demands, obstacles, struggle you do in your student life. Due to which their education loan for postgraduate students is very readily available. They provide this support from beginning to end of the education


Entry and Academic Requirements:

  • You need to fulfil these criteria:
    1. Normally a first degree in a health related discipline which includes a research focused module. Applicants with evidence of equivalent professional development or academic proficiency will be considered
    2. Current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council
    3. Employment as a health care professional in an appropriate setting
    4. Evidence of their employer’s recommendation for their application for a programme of study leading to an Advanced Practice role
    5. Evidence of employer support to undertake the programme including the availability of appropriate clinical supervision
  • Sponsored applicants who meet the above entry criteria will be interviewed by their employer and if successful and they met the criteria for entry then their details will be forwarded to the University Admissions Department for registration.
  • Applicants will have previously, successfully undertaken a mentor preparation programme

Entry and Academic Requirements :

  • A 2nd Class minimum of a (2.2) Certificate will be required from the UK University or any country in the world.
  • Students who do not have the necessary required educational qualifications But have enough experience working in a business establishment will be not be considered inappropriate. So if you have any concerns, please contact us and ask for advice.
  • Alternatively, our pre-masters program is designed for those who are unable to meet admission requirements, after the completion of the pre-masters program you will be easily applied for the master’s program.
  • UKVI IELTS 6.0 ( No less than 5.5 any individual section)
  • If Student has UKVI IELTS 5.0 or 4.5 score, Do not worry, they can apply for a postgraduate program with the help of our partner universities and colleges.

Here are few Top Universities Partnerships with Academic Education in the UK :

  1. Anglia Ruskin University
  2. Coventry University, London
  3. De Montfort University, Leicester
  4. University of Greenwich
  5. Ulster University
  6. Solent University And Many More….

Study in UK with a prestigious subject is something students never want to get missed. Before applying your search for courses and proceed according to your ability.

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