EU/Home : £6,000 – £9,250
International: £8,000 – £18,500

3/4 Years
With Work Placement

Start dates
Jan, May, Sep

Major Factors of Undergraduate degrees :

  • Not everyone gets the opportunity to study at world-renowned universities in the UK. You are lucky if you are heading towards it. Your degree will be universally accepted everywhere. In this age of globalization, you have to remain one step ahead of others. A good university degree will ease the road ahead of you.
  • The advantage of Uk university courses is the duration, of course, is shorter than in other countries. That will help to reduce your tuition fees accommodation and other accessories.
  • UK university contains quality education, they are world-famous for their education system. Higher education influences your knowledge, values, beliefs, and habits. They train their students to make them strong and capable of developing an excellent choice of job for a better life.
  • You must know the outcome of your study. For that UK university make sure your study doesn’t go in vain. They give several opportunities to their students before and after their graduation. That includes tuition waivers, funding application, job facilities, job offers in different courses, transportation, student counseling if needed, they will also help their students to live there after their graduation, and many more.
  • Besides being educated in a different country, a new nation is known about their culture, religion, socio-economic system, variation of language and communication. Which opens the door to practice your knowledge.
  • students have the opportunity to earn more by working alongside studies and have opportunities after graduation. UK government gives the opportunity to hold a work permit after their graduation in different criteria to the students.
  • It’s a great thing when you are studying in a foreign country but also you are privileged to have facilities from that country. They keep an eye on the student’s education so that they don’t face any problem. They are kind and generous to their financially weak students. Yes, they provide financial aid, scholarship to the bright students gives support and listen to the weaker one. There are student welfare community who are always there to the students who are struggling.
  • Using efficient technology, a solid foundation of learning is built there. Researching and discovering New commodities are part of their study. It helps improve skills, practical knowledge, and differs from anyone. Students get the best benefits of studying in the UK. They receive a good reward for the hard work they do here.
  • There are countless courses to study. More than 50000 courses are available with 25+ subject areas. There are qualified teachers for each course, all of the courses are equally appreciated and learned well by the efficient teachers. What you want to choose for study is completely your decision, university authority has no problem with it.

Requirements for admission entry

Candidate must have the following requirements

  1. To have a Certificate of Passing the 12th Examination or equivalent Examination successfully.
  2. English Eligibility :
  • When you decide to come to the UK for your higher studies, you must have a good understanding of English and the ability to do minimum communication. There is a misconception about the English score many people often get confused. They think they could be rejected without great score, your maximum score is given below
  • UKVI IELTS 6.0 ( No less than 5.5 any individual section)
  • If Student has UKVI IELTS 5.0 or 4.5 score, Do not worry, they can apply for undergraduate program with the help of our partner universities and colleges.

Course Available Universities:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of St Andrews
  3. University of Bath
  4. Loughborough University
  5. University of Warwick
  6. University of Leeds
  7. University of Exeter
  8. Lancaster University
  9. University of Derby
  10. University of Southampton